Деловая авиация Колумбии

Деловая авиация Колумбии

Avianca to operate all European routes from Colombia on B787 Dreamliner

Авиаперелеты на мероприятия и события

With the inclusion of this aircraft to the Bogota – Barcelona – Bogota route, Avianca now operates all routes between Europe and Colombia in these modern aircraft.

The incorporation of the B787 to the passenger service on the transatlantic routes is part of the Airline’s commitment to offering a new and improved travel experience.

Путешествия бизнес авиацией

With a 250-passenger capacity, 28 in Business Class and 222 in Economy Class, the Dreamliner stands out for its modern design, conceived to offer maximum comfort. Wider seats, larger windows, broader aisles and more spacious bathrooms are just some of its attributes. Other characteristics, such as specific lighting for each moment of the flight or the innovative pressurization system that reduces dehydration and jetlag, also contribute to improving the flight experience.

Recently, the airline increased the number of flights to Europe, where it currently has an ample offer: 18 weekly flights to Madrid from Bogota, seven weekly flights from Cali and three weekly direct flights from Medellin. On the Bogota – Barcelona route the airline operates one daily flight. London is served by one daily and a direct flight from Bogota, making Avianca the first airline to join Colombia and Europe with 40,000 available seats.

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